Daniella Hunter's recipes, restaurants and products, are dedicated to digestive well-being and provide a philosophy for sustainable living, both personally and for our planet.



From a soft-sand paradise of the Caribbean in Tulum, to bustling Los Angeles, to an excited Austin, we are creating naturally inspired spaces for our delicious and nutritious offerings.


Our unique Real Coconut Tortilla Chips and Tortilla Wraps, created by Daniella Hunter, are a big hit. These products and more will be coming to a store near you very soon!


Join us over on our blog where Daniella Hunter and The Real Coconut team share their recipes, healthy living hints & tips and digestive-health nutritional advice.



Venice Kitchen, Los Angeles launches All Day Meal Boxes & Event Catering Services.

Beach-side beauty at Sanara Tulum Hotel 


Sanará meaning - ‘you will heal’ in Spanish, sits on the backdrop of one of the world’s most stunning beaches, looking out onto the turquoise waters of the Caribbean.

Visit the original Real Coconut at Sanará Tulum, to experience our menus and recipes, using sustainable food sources to promote digestive well-being. 

Daniella's menus are GLUTEN, GRAIN, DAIRY, and REFINED SUGAR FREE.

Everything is homemade from scratch and wherever possible, organic and locally-sourced. We only cook with organic extra virgin coconut and avocado oil.

TRC @ Sanará Tulum - kitchen & bar open from 7:30am till 10pm everyday.



TRC Coconut Flour Tortilla Chips & Wraps are now available in Whole Foods Markets across the Southern Pacific & Rocky Mountain Regions. You can also buy our products via our online store!

Birthed at the original 'Real Coconut' restaurant in Tulum, Mexico, Daniella Hunter is set to launch an exciting range of coconut-based snacks and wraps. The coconut flour tortilla chips and tortilla wraps are gluten free, grain free, dairy free and refined sugar free!

Daniella Hunter


Daniella Hunter is an authentic manifestation of her own individual tastes and health philosophy and The Real Coconut is an aesthetic of Daniella herself.

Having followed her own journey towards healing from severe asthma as a child, and a lifetime of poor health, Daniella delved into many different diet and cleanse programs to seek answers for a vital life, both for herself, and to share with others.  Left a little less than satisfied, she formulated her own philosophy of digestive health and sustainability, both personally and for the planet.  And so The Real Coconut was birthed.

Daniella lives in Tulum, Mexico with her partner, Charlie, two sons, and dog, Milky.  She has taken on the role of director of the Belize Sustainable Development Corporation and dedicates her free time to wildlife rehabilitation, and as a Co-Founder and Governor of the Tulum International School, providing a passion and inquiry-based curriculum to children in Tulum