A closer Look 

Built on the foundational belief that plants form the key to our vitality and that gut health and digestion are paramount to optimum well being, it should go without saying, The Real Coconut is dedicated to all that conscious living. Integrating key elements of paleo, gluten, grain-free, and vegan diet practices, ultimately creating a menu that is universal without sacrificing taste. 

Inspired by the versatile sustenance of the coconut, the inaugural Real Coconut restaurant opened in 2015 inside the Sanará Tulum Hotel located on the pristine beaches of the Rivera Maya. Pioneering an unprecedented and unique menu, comprised of energy-boosting plates to help optimize health, The Real Coconut introduces original recipes such as coconut cheese and coconut tortillas, to make The Real Coconut Quesadillas. The Real Coconut is a life changing menu, created to provide luscious edibles and refreshments that are pure in design and a remarkable enhancement to vital living.