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Thanks for caring so much about your health and the sustainability of our planet!
Our Grain, Gluten and Dairy Free Coconut Flour Tortilla Chips, Tortillas & Wraps are available across the USA, UK and Canada in over 2000 food stores.
You can also buy our products via our online shops: USA & UK .

Birthed at the original 'Real Coconut' restaurant in Tulum, Mexico, Daniella Hunter has created an affordable & tasty healthy-for-you range of. snacks and wraps. The coconut flour tortilla chips and tortilla wraps, as well as the cookie line made with plantain flour are gluten free, grain free, dairy free and refined sugar free as well as containing no nasties! 

More plant-based paleo and vegan products from Daniella Hunter are coming! Watch this space!

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The Real Coconut products are available to buy at Whole Foods Markets and other fine retailers across the USA. Please see a list below of stores that now stock our products. If you are in an area where the products are not available to you please:

1. Please chat with your store manager and get a name 

2. Email us with the details of the store and manager's name

3. In the meantime order from our on-line store with free shipping!

Interested in stocking or using on your menus our best tasting, affordable, Grain, Gluten & Dairy Free snacks and wraps? Please contact our team via our Wholesale Partner form here.