Created by Daniella Hunter, The Real Coconut's products and recipes are dedicated to digestive health, and provide a philosophy of health and eating as a regimen for sustainable living, both personally and for the planet.

Our Menus & Products

Our menus and products are GLUTEN, GRAIN, DAIRY, and REFINED SUGAR FREE. We also have no CORN or SOY, and look to use no additives or gums in our base recipes.

Good fats are vital for our health.  We only ever cook with minimal amounts of coconut or avocado oil, and use extra virgin olive oil for dressings.  

We focus our recipes around easily digestible plants, particularly those that are globally abundant, have multiple uses, and grow rapidly without the need for pesticides or intense irrigation.  We love coconuts, but we also love yucca (cassava), and plantain, hemp, as well as anything green and leafy! 

In our restaurants we promote plant-based choices as the basis of our meals, and offer options of sustainably sourced, pasture-reared or wild caught, animal proteins from local farmers & fishermen. We employ a nose-to-tail methodology wherever possible, to honor the creature and to reduce wastage to a minimum.  



We want to support your health and vitality, and whilst doing so, help to support the healing of the planet and our communities.  

In all areas of our brand we strive to make the best choices, from implementing and supporting sustainable agricultural programs, to waste reduction, renewable energy,  and on a longer term basis, exploring and implementing better production and packaging methods for our products.  

On a deep level, we have chosen to initially support Belize, a small Western Caribbean country with fertile lands, great spirit, and a desire to uplift its people, not to mention an abundance of all our favorite things: coconuts, yucca, plantain, and some of the most delicious fruits and vegetables ever tasted!  Our wild harvesting and boutique farming models are currently being implemented to support local communities. We are supporting the implementation of an alternative flour factory project - Snack Plants