Daniella Hunter


Daniella Hunter is an authentic manifestation of her own individual tastes and health philosophy and The Real Coconut is an aesthetic of Daniella herself.

Having followed her own journey towards healing from severe asthma as a child, and a lifetime of poor health, Daniella delved into many different diet and cleanse programs to seek answers for a vital life, both for herself, and to share with others.  Left a little less than satisfied, she formulated her own philosophy of digestive health and sustainability, both personally and for the planet.  And so The Real Coconut, and it's plant-based recipe creation, was birthed.

Daniella lives between Tulum, Mexico and Santa Monica, California with her husband, Charlie, two sons and dogs.  She is a co-curator of Influence Foundation, committed to activate global sustainability initiatives, and she has also taken on the role of co-director of the Belize Sustainable Development Corporation, helping guide the boutique farmers in multi cropping practices. She dedicates her free time to wildlife rehabilitation, and as a Co-Founder and Governor of the Tulum International School, providing a passion and inquiry-based curriculum to children in Tulum.