What is Digestive Health?

What is Digestive Health?

You could talk about what constitutes good digestive health for hours due to the complexity of all the different components that contribute to the vast machine that is the GI tract.  However, to keep things simple and short, I will summarise that good digestive health basically means that you and your gut feel good at all times (or most of the time), especially, during and after eating.

Sustainable Sardines!

Sustainable Sardines!

Sardines are an important part of our menu at The Real Coconut, Tulum. They are a local and sustainable food source packed full of vital health benefits such as; Omegas and Fatty Acids, as well as Vitamin D, Calcium and Collagen (if you eat the bones too!). Grill and serve with salsa and salad. Our founder Daniella Hunter talks about her appreciation for the humble sardine... #sustainablefood#therealcoconut #beachlife #fish #sustainablesourcing

Valentine's Day Mexican Feast!

There are lots of misconceptions and clichés around Mexican cuisine, thanks to global chain restaurants and generic, stereotypical supermarket offerings. 

Mexican food is full of wonderfully rich flavours and steeped in fascinating culture. 

Here are some myth busters:

  • Mexican food isn’t always spicy
  • Fajitas aren’t truly Mexican
  • Tex-Mex is not authentic Mexican cuisine
  • Authentic Mexican food isn’t high in fat or greasy 

Furthermore, Mexico produces some great wines to accompany traditional fair, such as Casa Baloyan Cabernet which we serve in our restaurant in Tulum.

Our restaurant’s menu is gluten, grain, dairy and refined sugar free, however this does not compromise on the authentic tastes of Mexico.

This Valentine’s Day if you are looking to create a Mexican Feast that is sweet and light to impress your loved one, we would recommend the following:

To Start - Grilled Avocado

Avocado halves marinated with coconut aminos and topped with roasted tomato chutney and toasted seeds - pair with a sharp white wine such as a Chardonnay or Chenin Blanc.

Casa Madero is made with the Chenin Blanc and Chardonnay varieties, resulting in a friendly white wine, easy to drink, full of flowers, white peach, yellow apple and fresh grass.

For Mains - Roasted Chicken

Organic, free range chicken roasted with lemon and fresh herbs, accompanied by sweet potato and a delicious bowl of seasoned vegetables, paired with a glass of Mexican favourite, Casa Baloyan Cabernet.

Cabernet Sauvignon Casa Baloyán has a pleasant aroma of red fruits with notes of spices and vanilla. It has a touch of Merlot, a blend that gives it a soft texture on the palate. It has been aged for 20 months in French oak barrels.

To Finish - Be a bit naughty and go for a Chocolate Nutty Ice Cream Smoothie. Here's the recipe...